Thursday, May 10, 2007

A caching area

As I was traveling back from work to home, thinking what should I write in my newly opened blog, many a thought wavered in my mind. I wanted to write about every little thing I saw on my half hour drive back from work. About a cop car, a lady driving carelessly while chatting on a cell, a benign smile of a small kid from a neighboring car at the traffic signal, what not. Then a thought struck me, as to why I should look for something to write about, while I should be writing about something I am thinking about. Well, a blog basically is a web log, a log where you want to store your thoughts and feelings. Not an area where you would write just because you want to blog or because it's something that the cool kid on the block is doing..

Now that brings the question, what thoughts would I want to cache or store here. Well, its probably things I would like to complain about, or things I feel good about. But I won't say that I will take this blog forward to such an extent that it would be the No.1 blog in the town. Honestly, I don't want to. Want this to just remain a repository of thoughts, that I would like the world to know some day or any day when they do a relevant 'Google' search. Oh did I just say google, well, let's take on the google topic some other day. For now I sign off with my first post not essentially conveying any message or any feeling.. I want this to stand as what flows in my mind at the point of writing..


Karthik said...

Test comment. Wanna see how a comment looks on my blog :)

ADmin said...

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