Saturday, September 8, 2007

Impressing the executives in business meeting with corporate BS catch phrases

Ever seen this sales guy or a highly successful manager uttering highly effective buzz words which catch your attention not because they make sense in that particular context but because these words leave you thinking about the meaning that they are trying to convey. I am sure everyone of us have been there. I ran into this forwarded website which provides you with a list of these high tech buzz words.

Want to generate a quick corporate catch phrase. Click on the button below and get it in the text box below. Click the button as many times as you need phrases..

Your Corporate BS Buzz Phrase:

(Powered by Atrixnet)

To get a list of all the words used for this or to create a buzz word manually by yourself, visit the main site

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AnneK said...

I had fun playing with it. Oh, and the gluten allergy I developed recently. I can no longer eat pizza, bread, cake, nan, chapathi or anything related to wheat products.