Monday, December 10, 2007

Genuine attempts lead to Fame, over course of time too

My previous roommate started this site called a little while ago. We used to discuss about websites, making money from them, or business models. It was then, I asked him, what he was doing this site for, money or fame. And he replied that it was a passion that he had for the Sanskrit language and was trying to do, what he could. He wasn't doing it for money or fame. Recently he got profiled in NDTV. This only goes out to prove that, you should concentrate on what you are passionate about, money or fame will slowly follow your passion, perhaps a little later, though I doubt if money will follow in this case. Check out the video where he got profiled..


Seshu Karthick said...
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Seshu Karthick said...

Thanks for blogging abt it. When NDTV approached me, I was glad to learn that my effort to spread Sanskrit is well supported by the media. Hope the media continues to support such non-profit projects to promote Indian heritage.

Being profiled on NDTV is more of an encouragement to me than a 'fame factor'. I am now all charged up to put a lot more effort into this project.

I actually get more satisfaction from this non-profit effort than any money could get me :)

- Seshu Karthick
(Founder of

Saagar said...

Sure Seshu, nice to hear that. Fame factor was more of a misnomer, I actually meant recognition in this case. Interest in a passion surely grows with recognition..

Blogger said...
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