Saturday, January 5, 2008

Taare Zameen Par - Because every kid is special...

I haven't done my homework and prepared for the exam well. I was hoping and praying that the exam would get canceled, I was praying to God again and again that something should happen, a flood or earthquake should come so that the exam gets canceled, and I don't fail. Because failing the exam is a doom, that would set a downward spiral on, which would leave me with no future. I won't have a place to live or food to eat in future. What could I do now. The thoughts of "if only" run through my mind as I promise myself, if somehow I pass this exam by God's grace, I will always prepare well for every exam in m life.

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And boom, I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night realizing it was just a dream, realizing that I have finished my Masters and am in a stable job making a decent salary and set for a decent career. But why do I still get these dreams. My parents never compelled me for anything. Still there was fear of exams, fear of failing, fear of going nowhere in life, that has captured my thought process so vehemently that even at about one-third of my lifetime, I still get such dreams. Is it a psychological disorder. Of course not, it is the psychological set up of almost every Indian student who has gone through the rigors of Indian system of education, the stress of what the society would say if you fail. Is the fault with the Indian system of education. Nope. the fault is with the societal mind set in India or at least in Andhra Pradesh, where you have to be an Engineer or a Doctor in your life. Other career options don't even exist..

The thought process above was triggered in me, after watching the movie Taare Zameen Par. A wonderful movie that takes us through the journey of a kid who suffers from Dyslexia. Trying to camouflage his inability to read and write like other kids in a cover of stubbornness and frustration, Ishaan slowly loses interest in one thing he is the best at, painting. As Aamir points out, his parents and teachers were seeing the symptoms of the problem, but none try to understand the reason for his problem. It is not that he does not want to read and write, its just that he cannot. Having suffered through the trama himself in his childhood, Aamir sets out to help the kid. With the kids' Dad not understanding the situation, he gets the help of the Principal to get the kid to normality by giving him ample time to learn things his way in his own pace. And guess what, he brings progress in the kid by projecting his positive points and building up his confidence.

A really wonderful movie with superb action from the kid who portrayed the role of Ishaan. Aamir Khan performs well enough, but the best part in the movie is his direction. His sincere attempt at a heart touching story strikes an emotional cord or two by making you fell for the boy, because you have been there! Overall cent percent to Aamir Khan for a honest attempt at a genuine subject, instead of song and dance routine.. Do yourself and your kids or your future kids a big favor. Watch Taare Zameen Par, because it teaches you how to be a real parent. Because it lets you see a child's mindset from his point of view. Perhaps your kid might really benefit from your changed outlook. Perhaps India will see light in careers other than Engineering and Medicine !!


Seshu Karthick said...

Dude... The dream about exams happens to me too once in a while till today. I get up in the morning and thank god for it being a dream, and I actually have no exams to worry about...

I thought I was the only one with such dreams at this point in life when I have a stable job. Good to know there are others like me :)

I will probably watch Taare Zameen Par this weekend!

Saagar said...

Its not just you and me Seshu, I am sure many others still get the same dreams, because sub consciously we all shared the fear of exams to such an extent that it still comes back to us in the form of dreams :)

Its a slow movie, but knowing you, you should surely appreciate the movie..

AnneK said...

Rajiv and I still get those dreams and when i told my mom that she said SHE gets those dreams and she is 61!!!!

I heard a lot of good stuff about the movie. And the engineer/doctor thing, totally true in Kerala too! If it is possible, worse!