Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Impressed with Jawbone headset and its customer service support

A week or two ago, I purchased the Jawbone bluetooth headset which has got a lot of reviews as the best bluetooth headset in the market. I should say I am pretty impressed. The noise canceling feature is just awesome, people on the other side rarely hear any other noises other than my voice. After trying the multiple ear pieces and loops and fixed on a set. I haven't used a bluetooth headset before so I can't really compare. My long calls started turning effortless and I was pretty happy with the piece. Worth every penny, oh yeah..

And then the inevitable according to Murphy's law had happened. I broke the left standard ear loop. I was trying to remove it when it broke. I called up the Jawbone support guy. They wouldn't give their number on the website but a quick Google search revealed their support phone number 408-848-4348. The customer service guy was cool and he told me that he will send me a complimentary one in 7 business days. Now, how cool is that. I didn't know you could also buy the ear loops from their website, you pay $10 for the ear loops but then you will need to order the 4 piece set. I should say that I am pretty impressed both with the piece and the customer service. All the negative reviews on the web, I guess those guys were probably having a bad day :)

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