Friday, July 18, 2008

Totally Annoyed with Toyota of Plano service guys

I went to Toyota of Plano and was pretty annoyed with their service department and this Chris guy who was upset that I didnt get the Dealer recommended maintenance for $300 and got just the factory recommended one. Here is the story..

I needed a 15000 mile maintenance for my car and I called up the Toyota of Plano guys and asked how much it would cost. The guy on the phone said it costs me $335 or so. I was indeed surprised at such high amount and checked the Toyota website. All the Toyota recommends for my car is the following. (Source)

Replace engine oil and oil filter 1
Rotate tires
Clean cabin air filter
Visually inspect brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs
Inspect the following:
Ball joints and dust covers
Brake lines and hoses
Drive shaft boots
Engine coolant 3
Exhaust pipes and mountings
Steering gear box

I then asked this service dept. guy if it was the factory recommended one or the Dealer recommended one. He said it was dealer recommended one and he went on to list a bunch of things they would do. He said they were very important for the car. The only question I had in my mind was if all those were so important for the car then why wouldn't Toyota recommend that. But I didnt ask him that and asked him how much would the factory recommended one cost me. He says $93.20. He said I could come in and talk to some Chris guy who would take care of it. I say okay and start out to get one.

I go there and wait for my turn and then some guy comes in and fills my request form. I mentioned clearly I needed 15k facory recommended maintenance and asked him how much it would cost. He said, oh it costs 80 bucks and notes 80 on the sheet. I say okay and ask are you Chris. He is like, no, that guy right there is Chris, I will fill it and keep it on Chris' desk so he can take care of it. I say okay and then leave my car and wait. After an hour or so, Chris guy comes and tells me its ready. I say okay and go to pay the bill. The lady at the counter says $85 and some change. I asked her if I could get a sheet that describes what all has been done and she shows me a billing list which doesnt contain most of those listed above. I asked if they have been done at all and like to see the detailed list and she tells me, Oh ask Chris and he will have the checklist that they check the boxes when they perform the inspections and all. I say okay, pay my bill and walk out to Chris.

I ask this Chris guy if I could get a detailed list, he is like, wait and he says, If you got a dealer recommended one, I would have the list, and then he answers his cell phone, and then says it would be in the maintenance guide you have in the car, and then brings me a list that has the above checked. And then he goes on, "See you just have tire rotation and oil change, there is no wheel balancing and all done because you took a factory recommended one and not a dealer recommended one", and I say, "Okay, so what difference does it make". He says "Oh you will not know that now, after a few miles when you hit 70 miles per hour and your wheels start vibrating then you will notice." I never knew thats a way to talk to a customer and in such derogatory tone. I got really pissed off and asked him, "So if its gonna affect my car and all, why doesnt Toyota recommend whatever your dealership is recommending. And he says "Look man, I am just trying to help you.." Great way to escape without an answer.

The checklist that he gave me says the service is $93.20 and I show it to him and ask if it costs $93.20 then how come, I was charged only $85 and change and he says, ya its lesser than that right. I say, of course, but I am just curious why the difference. And he says, the guy who talked to you put 85 on the paper (he had actually put 80 but may be taxes is 5), so I had to give it to you for 85. This was totally ridiculous. I dont know if they have a pricing system at all, some guy says its 80 to me and so he says he gave it to me 85 instead of 93. The difference might be a few dollars, but what I dont like is the fact that the same thing costs different amount to different people. So, you go to walmart and ask a rep what the price of a hdtv on a tv stand is. He mistakes the price of the tv stand to be that of TV and says 200, so now will Walmart give the TV to you for 50 bucks. Doesnt make sense to me at all..

And then I ask him, did you put the seal on my Toyota Passport guide, and he was like you didnt give it to me. The last two times, the service rep guys took care of it without me even asking them. I say, okay, let me get it for you, and then he walks with me to the car. I give him the booklet, and I say, I just need the signature and your seal and he goes "I know what I need to put in there, I have been doing this for some time". I wouldn't mind if he said that in a friendly way but he was outright rude. He goes, fills it up and comes back and I ask him, one last qn, is the blinking message on Dashboard that says "Maint Reqd" reset, and he says, it should have been, and guess what I start and the blinking is still present. And then he resets it and says, now it is reset. If I hadn't asked I needed to go back again for that.

I am totally surprised by the total inefficiency and the carelessness that they show towards the customers and the worst part is they are getting away with it. And I am also appalled at their discretionary variable pricing system. May be today was a bad day or I got the wrong guys, but in my opinion today, Thumbs down to Toyota of Plano...

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AnneK said...

I have taken it to the dealer once, had a bad experience, now I just take it to a place nearby. Cheaper, faster, and great customer service!