Sunday, November 9, 2008

Notes/Thoughts from an accident

1. Life is too short. A minute or even a second could decide if you will see the next moment..
2. Live every moment of the life as if it is your last moment in your life. You never know what might come up in the next moment.
3. Nothing is permanent. You might not live to think about what you could have accomplished with your life. Spend at least 2-5 mins a day thinking what the day has meant to you, if you were given a chance to re-live the same day, what would you have done differently, and then try to implement that difference in the next day
4. Working out, looking good, trying to impress people don't have much to do when your moment arrives. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters actually.
5. If in each day, you could do something that would make you feel better as a person, as a human being, do it, you can find excuses to tell others, but there is no excuse from your conscience.
6. Procrastination could really be dangerous. If there is something that needs to be done, do it now or else have a fixed plan to do it on a particular day by a particular time. If its a big project split it into pieces and have a fixed time for completing each piece.
7. Before complaining about a thousand things that happened to you today, stop for a moment and be thankful for the fact that you are alive, you lived to see another day in your life, you got one more day to prove your essence in the world, whether you utilized it in the right way is a different story.
8. Have a fixed set of things that you really want to do in your life. Give them fixed years. do a bucket list for yourself and assign importance to them. For example, By 30, I want to own a BMW etc. Work out an exact plan how you would do it, day dreaming won't work, have an exact plan within the means..
9. When a moment can decide your life, live it up, live every minute part of a moment..

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