Friday, May 6, 2016

My dear daughter - my princess

She opens her eyes,
and looks at me for the first time..
And I know instantly that,
she is my everything and everything I have is hers
She smiles at me for the first time,
brightens my life like never before
I hold her in my arms,
and I promise myself to get the world at her feet
When she takes her first steps towards me,
I experience the most significant achievement

I know that if I truly love her,
I have to let her go some day,
I have to let her live,
explore the world and discover herself
I know it's a long time away,
but the mere thought makes me sour
For now, I have nothing to fear,
as she puts her arms around me and sleeps on my shoulder

My little darling, my princess Medha,
I hope you realize that,
I will always love you unconditionally,
and always want the best for you, now and ever

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