Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love or something like it...

One fine morning I saw you.
Oh God, I could not believe my eyes nor could my eyes believe me.
You saw me, approached me and gave me a gentle smile,
to give me a live canvas of Monalisa's smile.
You spoke to me, your words coming out like that of a gentle dew,
yet bringing into bloom the fairest thoughts of the world.
And then we became great friends,
You encouraged me to leave my hesitation,
You enchanted me to get my determination,
You enlightened the path from which I drew my inspiration,
You made me stand ahead of others in great position.
But by the time I came to tell you, how much
I love you, it was too late, for, you went away.
Leaving behind memories to stay.
Your memories still linger in my mind,
Your gracious picture spread over my heart,
and I put my thoughts into words to tell you
that I love you forever and ever and ever...

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